2020 Officers:

Director: Michael Gilbert 360-739-4451
Asst. Director: Bruce Scott 805-471-2897

Secretary: Donna Mae Sather 360-873-7455

Treasurer: Len Northrop 360-224-0370

HOG Manager: Andy Fenstermaker 509-630-1152

Activities: Bob Tisdel 425-876-9636

Ladies of Harley: Donna Mae Sather 360-873-7455

Head Road Captain: Roger Valentine 360-941-1436

Editor:  Doni Stull 425-478-3037

Safety Officer: Keith Aldrich 360-708-2600

Photographer: Jack Robinson 360-393-7069

Historian: Jerry Keating 425-393-7069

Membership: Donna Mae Sather 360-873-7455

Webmaster: Jeannie Gilbert 360-303-2807

Chaplain: Mark Reeves 425-210-1221

Patches: Rick Leeson  360-319-5796

Bloopers: Ken Lee 360-421-7970 & Jan VanMuyden 360-914-1322

Registered Members

Road Captains



                                                                                                               RIDE SAFE HAVE FUN 


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