i              2021 Officers:

Director:  Donna Mae Sather 360-873-7455

Asst. Director:  John Garrigues 360-739-4386

Secretary: Jerry Keating, 425-308-1517    jerrywa123(at)comcast.net

Treasurer: Michael Gilbert 360-739-4451

HOG Manager: Ty Miller, 

Activities: Bob Tisdel  bobt52(at)hotmail.com

Ladies of Harley: Chrissy Hein 360-746-8023

Head Road Captain: Dwane Porter 909-844-5825

Editor:  Doni Stull 425-478-3037

Safety Officer: Stan Bryant 360-707-8705

Photographer: John Garrigues 360-739-4386

Historian: Doni Stull  425-478-3037

Membership: Donna Mae Sather 360-873-7455

Patches: Rick Leeson blacksmithrick(at)aol.com

Webmaster: Jeannie Gilbert 360-303-2807

Registered Members

Road Captains


i         History of Past Officers:

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